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/home/shivansh/Downloads/ENSI.kpk/bin/osx/ENSI.kpk.dmg Password: +@]$ Installer finished at 6/25/16 8:02 PM /home/shivansh/Downloads/ENSI.kpk/bin/osx/ENSI.kpk YAY A: You're doing everything fine. You're good. After Mombasa’s woes with a lack of supply in the port, Mr. Muthoni has stepped up by providing key services, thus helping the Mombasa Ports and Harbours Board to attract more cargo ships. Mudu Private’s boat also provides other services like prawn catchments for farmers who take prawns for subsistence and fish catchments for the farmers. The service has been part of the programme in the region since 2013. The service is yet to make much progress, as the government still needs to provide subsidy to farmers. Muthoni said: “The government has been working on establishing fish lagoons since 2013. “A lot has been done in the creation of ponds for prawns, but now farmers have to finance it.” In Mombasa, the Mombasa Ports and Harbours Board also doesn’t have enough employees to maintain the port. Muthoni added: “There is no regular staff, but we often hire contractors. “In Mombasa, we have about 25 employees who collect the recyclable material. “Our goal is to provide better services, so we are looking at ways to secure more employees. “However, we can’t make a massive hire, because the government hasn’t increased our salaries for six years. “Even if we secure more employees, we can’t handle everything ourselves.” Muthoni has challenged the government to invest in the fishermen who catch prawns and fish for subsistence. The company pays farmers about 3.2 million shillings (RM9,800) for the service annually.




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Passware Kit Forensic 2016 Crack leisch
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